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Winter style in New Zealand

Today I actually had to leave the house which was extremely inconvenient(I dislike the outside world) however it did give me an excuse to put on something decent. These are my current favorite winter things right now. I am so in love with this bag! It was a custom made Bucket bag for Ruby made […]


Packing for winter in Japan

While I am certainly not an expert in life in Japan, I am travelling there in November. When I first found tickets I was imagining sun and cherry blossoms however, in reality, it is going to be extremely cold. I am a huge advocate for light packing, I hate hauling around great big suitcases and […]

Weekend reading

came home today to a pack of macaroons from my boyfriend and brewing tea by Storm & India Tea Sisters which was just the best thing ever, i’m a very lucky lady. here are some things i have been loving this weekend! a vlog by Britton LovesĀ of Paris in wet weather which is really lovely! […]

Polish Pigeons

some might find this kind of gross as i know a lot of people don’t like pigeons, i too was a little put off until we went to Krakow but i’ve had a complete change of heart after seeing how friendly they were! on our last day we really didn’t have much we wanted to […]

Castle dwelling

definitely not one of the better photos of me, i look a little strange but it was a super pretty at the Prague Castle. unfortunately i was unable to take photos through i did take some in the cathedral which was pretty mindblowlingly beautiful. such amazing weather! so much delicious food and weirdly so many […]


after a confusing day and a terrifying taxi ride we arrived in our adorable accommodation in Prague. coming from Paris it was quite the shock, the tourist crowds halved(at least) and the whole atmosphere was much more relaxed. it felt very untouched by the modern world apart from the tons of segue tours that buzzed […]

Summer under the tower

spending the day in the very middle of paris was absolutely the best! jared took a couple images of me in front of the eiffel tower in my ruby jump suit and my mydeerfox bag, perfect for the summery weather we were so lucky to have! Follow on Bloglovin’ for updates or on Instagram