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Kameidotenjinsha Shrine

Wanting to avoid Sunday rushes in shopping areas we decided that we would explore the area in which we are currently staying, Koto. Luckily there are tons of pretty shrines all around Tokyo so we walked around for a while looking for food and old buildings. Sunday well spent.

Tokyo in the Snow

Apparently it hasn’t snowed in Tokyo in 54 years so it came as quite the surprise to us when we woke on our first day and there was snow everywhere. Instead of being sensible and taking the subway out for the day we decided it was a good idea to walk an hour and a […]

Berries in Prague

are these not the prettiest berries you have ever seen? we had the most amazing day in Prague, the weather was so warm, we had the most delicious meal(though it was a bit too pricey for my liking) and the city looked amazing. thanks to Jared he took a little snap of me in my […]

Almond Macaroon Tea

at the moment i am pre planning working three jobs while also doing uni “full time” and perhaps also having a social life(will let you know how that one goes). anyway on the topic of stress and distressing(learning how to segue from the best 😉 i have been drinking a massive amount of tea recently. […]

London and lot of walking

i believe i have smashed my jet lag in efficient fashion which has led to a long day of lots of walking and touristy sight seeing! something i also realised today is that taking the bus around London instead of the tube is actually a lot more enjoyable. not only is it less smelly and […]