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Managing injury, pain and dejection

While being held back from something you love is hard, it won’t last forever. I trained to be a professional ballerina from the ages of three to sixteen. Classical ballet was for a while my entire life and giving up on it as a dream was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. […]

Vegan Corn Chowder recipe

One of my new favorite healthy recipes is the vegan corn chowder adapted by the lovely Taylor R. I have been a massive fan of her cooking videos for a while now but only recently have I had the courage to actually try one. I am a complete wimp when it comes to trying new […]

Weekend Reading

Image via Instagram So I realize that it is no longer the weekend but I wanted to make this post anyway because I had a really lovely cozy couple days and wanted to share them with anyone interested in having a little read!(or watch) + Taylor R, a Canadian model living and working in Japan […]


Hiya! I’m back from blog hiatus! I’ve been extremely unsure about what I want my blog to be for the past year or so which has really limited me posting too much of anything. ‘What kind of person am I?’ is a question that I have been asking myself a lot over my teenage years […]

Streaming on Twitch

first of all here is a pretty picture of the Army Museum which i initially mistook for the Rondin Museum because i’m a complete noob. nevertheless it was absolutely gorgeous, i’ll grab some more images soon!   on another completely different note i wanted to talk about something thats been on my mind for a […]

Paris strolling

currently i am juggling university and three jobs. i want to say that it was a good idea but i’m just not too sure yet. what i have realised in the process however is that iCal is fantastic and its taking over my physical planner for sure. i can’t imagine this is very entertaining. i […]

Almond Macaroon Tea

at the moment i am pre planning working three jobs while also doing uni “full time” and perhaps also having a social life(will let you know how that one goes). anyway on the topic of stress and distressing(learning how to segue from the best 😉 i have been drinking a massive amount of tea recently. […]