Castle dwelling

definitely not one of the better photos of me, i look a little strange but it was a super pretty at the Prague Castle. unfortunately i was unable to take photos through i did take some in the cathedral which was pretty mindblowlingly beautiful. such amazing weather! so much delicious food and weirdly so many […]

Paris at Night

we spent the most beautiful evening, though quite chilly under the Eiffel tower. most of the people I was traveling with actually said they liked it better in the night time, i don’t think i could ever make a choice. i have actually been thinking of ways i can spend 3 to 4 months either […]


after a confusing day and a terrifying taxi ride we arrived in our adorable accommodation in Prague. coming from Paris it was quite the shock, the tourist crowds halved(at least) and the whole atmosphere was much more relaxed. it felt very untouched by the modern world apart from the tons of segue tours that buzzed […]

Summer under the tower

spending the day in the very middle of paris was absolutely the best! jared took a couple images of me in front of the eiffel tower in my ruby jump suit and my mydeerfox bag, perfect for the summery weather we were so lucky to have! Follow on Bloglovin’ for updates or on Instagram

Eiffel Tower

we didn’t go in to see a lot of things in Paris just to save a bit of money but one thing i was definitely not going to miss was going up the Eiffel Tower! it definitely didn’t dissapoint. Follow on Bloglovin’ for updates or on Instagram

Nine hour bus rides

never again, is all i can saw about that. i was traveling with a lovely group of sleepers who were very happy to fall asleep and wake up as needed on the trip from London to Paris however i can safely say as an insomniac the trip involved a sore butt and potentially around one […]

London and lot of walking

i believe i have smashed my jet lag in efficient fashion which has led to a long day of lots of walking and touristy sight seeing! something i also realised today is that taking the bus around London instead of the tube is actually a lot more enjoyable. not only is it less smelly and […]

Europe Holiday

If your anything like me(or much like most of the population in fact), you will love to travel. The anticipation of the trip I will be leaving for in the next couple days to Europe has got me unbelievably excited! In the process of my planning and researching into how to fit our trip into […]


I recently shot a personal shoot and here are some of the results from the shoot. Clothing by Moochi, TK and MYDEERFOX PHOTOGRAPHY + STYLING Isabella Web MAKEUP Mary Estelle Makeup MODEL Amelia Finlayson ASSISTANTS Indigo Paul and Alessandra Tane VIDEOGRAPHY Jared Young Follow on Bloglovin’ for updates or on Instagram