Packing for winter in Japan

While I am certainly not an expert in life in Japan, I am travelling there in November. When I first found tickets I was imagining sun and cherry blossoms however, in reality, it is going to be extremely cold. I am a huge advocate for light packing, I hate hauling around great big suitcases and […]

Weekend Reading

Image via Instagram So I realize that it is no longer the weekend but I wanted to make this post anyway because I had a really lovely cozy couple days and wanted to share them with anyone interested in having a little read!(or watch) + Taylor R, a Canadian model living and working in Japan […]


Hiya! I’m back from blog hiatus! I’ve been extremely unsure about what I want my blog to be for the past year or so which has really limited me posting too much of anything. ‘What kind of person am I?’ is a question that I have been asking myself a lot over my teenage years […]

Streaming on Twitch

first of all here is a pretty picture of the Army Museum which i initially mistook for the Rondin Museum because i’m a complete noob. nevertheless it was absolutely gorgeous, i’ll grab some more images soon!   on another completely different note i wanted to talk about something thats been on my mind for a […]

Weekend reading

came home today to a pack of macaroons from my boyfriend and brewing tea by Storm & India Tea Sisters which was just the best thing ever, i’m a very lucky lady. here are some things i have been loving this weekend! a vlog by Britton Loves of Paris in wet weather which is really lovely! […]

Paris strolling

currently i am juggling university and three jobs. i want to say that it was a good idea but i’m just not too sure yet. what i have realised in the process however is that iCal is fantastic and its taking over my physical planner for sure. i can’t imagine this is very entertaining. i […]

Berries in Prague

are these not the prettiest berries you have ever seen? we had the most amazing day in Prague, the weather was so warm, we had the most delicious meal(though it was a bit too pricey for my liking) and the city looked amazing. thanks to Jared he took a little snap of me in my […]

Almond Macaroon Tea

at the moment i am pre planning working three jobs while also doing uni “full time” and perhaps also having a social life(will let you know how that one goes). anyway on the topic of stress and distressing(learning how to segue from the best 😉 i have been drinking a massive amount of tea recently. […]

Polish Pigeons

some might find this kind of gross as i know a lot of people don’t like pigeons, i too was a little put off until we went to Krakow but i’ve had a complete change of heart after seeing how friendly they were! on our last day we really didn’t have much we wanted to […]