Managing injury, pain and dejection

Managing pain, injury and dejection | IsabellaWeb

While being held back from something you love is hard, it won’t last forever. I trained to be a professional ballerina from the ages of three to sixteen. Classical ballet was for a while my entire life and giving up on it as a dream was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. It happened gradually and then all at once the pain I was experiencing from over strain and structural imperfections forced me to stop dancing. While I felt extremely lost and angry, time really did heal. I know this is something that hundreds of thousands of hopeful dancers have to go through due to injury or rejection and I hope even if only one person reads this and feels better I would feel so fulfilled.

I spent a year of my life doing nothing. My time was spent playing video games and working on my degree. I completely lost my appetite becoming quite thin and lost my will to move or exercise. Though that does sound rather depressing I was starting to distract myself, I was no longer thinking sad thoughts. Towards the end of 2015 I moved out of my parents house into a flat in Auckland. While I am a little embarrassed to admit this, I certainly do not regret beginning to date one of my flatmates whom I am still currently with. Him and his family were very athletic and while I had never considered myself a runner in the past I started running a lot which I absolutely loved. I began playing sports which I enjoyed from a competitive level which aligned with my dance mentality and I started to really improve my fitness. I gained a lot of weight as I started eating again out of happiness which I didn’t love from an aesthetic perspective but knew was much healthier than how I had been living previously.

Unfortunately I was starting to notice some issues. My fitness had increased and I could run further than I ever had, however the pain I had always assumed was normal in the low part of my leg was holding me back from being about to push myself further. I spoke to my boyfriends father who is a doctor and after explaining all of my symptoms I learned that feeling pain on a day to day basis was not normal(this may sound crazy to some). I get pain in my calves when I leisurely walk up hills. It has been like that since I was a child and I have learned to live with it. Until now I had not thought of it as abnormal and I had certainly never complained about it to anyone. The pain I was experiencing seemed to be getting much worse, I had to stop running and playing any sports. I decided to go and see someone about it and was referred onto a sports physician. I was yet again confirmed that what I was experiencing in my legs was indeed very abnormal. It was relieving and surprising at the same time and I began to wonder how I had gone for so many years assuming that everyone felt what I felt!

The first thing to test for was chronic exertional compartment syndrome that we assumed was brought early on by ballet. However when I received the results for my pressure test it had come back negative. By this point I had stopped almost all exercise, I wasn’t playing any sports, I wasn’t doing any HIIT training, I wasn’t even walking. I began to start feeling slightly depressed and my appointments were weeks apart which left me feeling more hopeless and confused. The next test was for popliteal arterial entrapment syndrome via ultra sound on my legs. I have not received the results for this yet and I won’t for another week. I am going traveling with my boyfriend at the end of this year and it doesn’t look like I will be able to receive surgery before I leave but I wanted to share this because I know there are people out there who are struggling with similar issues(even though I hope that you are not). Injury sucks and feeling left out or held back can hurt but things heal and problems can be fixed. When things can’t be fixed, it can feel like you are stuck but I promise, you are not. I found out this morning that I can skip with a rope and it doesn’t aggravate my calves. It sounds ridiculous but I almost found myself crying out of happiness after not being after to exercise enough to work up a sweat in some time. I weight lifted yesterday at a gym with a few friends and even though my loads were light, I managed leg exercises that didn’t give me pain. Even though I am held back from doing something I love, I’ve found things that I probably wouldn’t have in another situation.

I am so grateful that someone told me what I was feeling wasn’t right and that being in pain is not normal. I never would have guessed that walking didn’t hurt and I am excited for what I might be able to do when I get better. There has definitely been an element of self pity that I’m giving up on, life doesn’t have to end just because I can’t run or walk up hills even if I do live in Auckland City. The journey doesn’t have to suck either, I never would have discovered I loved gaming if I hadn’t had a bad back. If you are in pain or if you have an injury I am sorry, it sucks but you aren’t alone and I hope that while you might feel trapped at the moment, you aren’t. You are awesome, amazing and capable right now, of anything injured or not.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope that you have an awesome day!

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Five healthy Chia Pudding recipes

Chia pudding is everywhere on the internet but I have always made the mistake of making it soley with coconut cream(which I really don’t like very much). It dawned on my yesterday that I do not actually need to use coconut cream and creating awesome little puddings could be a bit more creative than I thought. I really like chia puddings because they don’t take much work and they are really filling. I am always craving sugary food after dinner and by having a little cup of chia pudding I feel satisfied without binging on something my body won’t thank me for.

Another awesome benefit of having a chia based treat is that it contains tons of fiber. In fact the majority of the carbs in chia seeds is made up of fiber which as well as being high in protein should aid you in weight loss. I was really reluctant to try these recipes because on a student budget I felt they were too expensive for me to purchase. I am really glad that I did because a little chia goes an incredibly long way in the deserts I have made.

So without further ado, here are my favorite five chia pudding recipes using chia seeds I purchased from Ceres Organics!


Banana and vanilla Chia pudding

This one is really easy and follows a lot of the same ingredients I put into my smoothies. If you ever feel like you want to substitue out different milks, flavors or key ingredients I say go for it!

1 Banana
tps Vanilla essence
tsp tumeric
tsp Honey(or any sweetener you prefer)
3/4 Cup almond/soy milk
1 Tbsp Chia seeds

Blend everything in a blender except for the chia seeds until the mixture is smooth. If you like less milk, feel free to add less! After pour into a cup and stir in the chia seeds. You need to stir constantly for two minutes to make sure the chia seeds do not sink and clump at the bottom of your glass. Put the glass into the fridge and leave it there occasionally checking to make sure the seeds have not sunk to the bottom. When it has a slightly jellylike consistency its ready for you to eat! I normally don’t wait very long to eat mine as I am impatient but these work best when they are left overnight.


Strawberry Chia pudding

Strawberries are my favorite fruit and if I didn’t have a histamine sensitivity I would eat them 24/7 however I eat them in moderation currently which is great in a chia pudding, so this one is certainly my favorite!

1 Small handful of frozen or fresh strawberries
1 teaspoon maple syrup/honey
3/4 Cup of almond or soy milk
1 Pinch of cinnamon
1 Tbps Chia seeds

Instructions are the same as Banana chia pudding above!


Chocolate Chia pudding

This one is a little less healthy as I have it a hot chocolate powdering on top however this one was made for my boyfriend and you certainly do not have to include that!

2 tps cocoa powder
3/4 Cup almond/soy milk
1 dried date(or 2 if you love dates like me)
Half a banana
1 Tbs Chia seeds

Do not feel like you need to add the banana, I just like the consistency that it gave my pudding. You can even substitute it out for half an avocado which I also tried and thought was creamy and amazing. The rest of the instructions are the same as the banana chia pudding above!


Kale Chia pudding

This might seem super weird to anyone who isn’t a fan of their greens but trust me, you have to try this! I like this one because it feels a little bit lighter and I embarrassingly love the green colour!

2 Handfuls of Kale
2 tsb maple syrup/honey
1 Green kiwifruit
3/4 Cup almond/soy milk
1 Tbsp coconut shavings(if you like coconut)
1 Tbsp Chia seeds

Do not feel the need to put in the kiwi fruit, I substitute it out for half a banana most of the time but I still like to put kiwi fruit on the top once the desert has set. Instructions are the same as the banana chia pudding above.


Classic Chia pudding

This one always seemed a little boring to me however I have found that topping this with fresh fruit makes it a really delicious treat!

1 Cup almond/soy/coconut milk
1.5 tsp maple syrup/agave syrup
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 Tbsp Chia Seeds

1 Handful of fruit for topping! I like blueberries, strawberries, even nuts! Anything!

You do not need to blend anything here, just mix everything together really thoroughly and be careful that not to let the chia seeds form a clumpy mess at the bottom of the cup or bowl! Again refrigerate and wait to eat after the chia seeds have set and gone jelly-like.







Let me know if you try out any of these recipes! Make sure to tag me so that I can see them or tweet them to me, I would absolutely love to see what you end up making! Thanks so much for being here! x


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Vegan Corn Chowder recipe


One of my new favorite healthy recipes is the vegan corn chowder adapted by the lovely Taylor R. I have been a massive fan of her cooking videos for a while now but only recently have I had the courage to actually try one. I am a complete wimp when it comes to trying new recipes! I’m so glad I tried this one though, not only is it super easy to make but also affordable for someone like me who is on the student budget buzz. All I needed was one ladle in a bowl for dinner and I completely satisfied! I think for me eating warm food in Winter is really important. I never really feel satisfied with a salad for dinner when the weather is cold no matter what the portion.

Eating healthy recently has made me really happy and feeling much more full of energy. I have lost a huge amount of weight in a really short amount of time which has been awesome but I am trying, now to up my calorie intake to make sure the loss is sustainable for the long term. Taylor also did a really interesting post over on her blog about nutrition and her weight loss journey that might interest some of you! Another lifestyle change that I have been considering is changing up how much animal products I am consuming and trying out a vegan lifestyle. It has been a way of living that I have considered for sometime now however I’ve have been reluctant due to the company I work for not aligning with vegan values. I have an appreciation for both ways of thinking and living but at this moment I am still considering the leap for myself so I can hopefully avoid any contractions.

On a separate note I went for an ultra sound today to test for popliteal arterial entrapment syndrome in my legs. It was quite nice to go into a hospital and not have people sticking needles into my legs for once. No diagnosis was made on today and I am not too sure when I will receive the results but I am crossing my fingers for a diagnosis for my pain in the near future! Anyway I hope you are having a lovely Thursday morning and that you are thinking happy thoughts!

If you wanted to try this recipe the link to it is here over on Taylor’s channel, the recipe starts mid way through the video and will hopefully be up on her blog at some point!




Thank you so much for being here again, I love you!


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Winter style in New Zealand


Today I actually had to leave the house which was extremely inconvenient(I dislike the outside world) however it did give me an excuse to put on something decent. These are my current favorite winter things right now. I am so in love with this bag! It was a custom made Bucket bag for Ruby made by MYDEERFOX and those double tassels are just so damn cute! They are actually available in there stores now which ship internationally if you did want them enough to grab one for yourself. I have been living in these black boots and my gloves. They are pretty intense and I feel they are a bit ‘much’ for most New Zealanders but they are so super cute, today I just couldn’t resist!

Super excited to share one of my new favorite recipes with you as well. I tried out vegan corn chowder which sounds complicated but is actually one of my favorite easy recipes yet! It was so tasty and light while also being filling. One of the things I love about a lot of vegan food is that doesn’t make you feel stodgy or bloated which I often do with with meat based meals. After attending the Huckleberry Farms Darn Good Breakfast event held in Shaky Isles, Britomart I really got to get an insight into the affects of eating meat on the environment. Super excited to start making more meals like this! Hopefully I can get some awesome photos of the dish to share with you tomorrow.

Boots ASOS
Sunglasses FreePeople
Gloves H and M

Hope you are all loving the Winter weather or if you’re on the other side of the world, enjoying the Summer. I love you! Thanks for being here x


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Packing for winter in Japan

While I am certainly not an expert in life in Japan, I am travelling there in November. When I first found tickets I was imagining sun and cherry blossoms however, in reality, it is going to be extremely cold. I am a huge advocate for light packing, I hate hauling around great big suitcases and I hate wearing heavy clothing(drama queen, I know). So with a shopping spree in sight and a light suitcase in mind I gave the casual wardrobe a google and here I what I found.

Below is a packing list for Paris which I actually sourced from the blog ohhappyday. I adapted a couple things and came up with some potential outfits for those chilly sightseeing days. I love the simplicity of the casual wardrobe and I love how it truly is(in my eyes at least) acceptable to wear white t shirts 5 days in a row! I love monochrome and the simplicity of a monochrome wardrobe. I also adore the benefit of this for mixing and matching. I am definitely on the look out for some more cute winter dresses but in the mean time I am attempting at some sensible essentials for the main pack.


My first purchase was a pair of blue jeans. I have always been a massive fan of classic blue pants but have never had any that fit me quite right(short legs, ’roundy’ bum). Luckily jeggings exist! I realize they have one of the worst names but they happen to be stretchy and comfortable which gets a massive thumbs up from me. I was also mysteriously missing a pair of black boots which I picked up from Asos and absolutely adore! Lastly here I brought a pinafore dress. I have always loved pinafore dresses and I feel as though they never cease to delight me. Not only are they great in summer with a cute t shirt but also in winter with a warm, cozy merino. Super excited to wear this every day of my life! #noshame

Pinafore dress


My second favorite outfit to take away with me is super relaxed. While I am a bit of a gym junkie, I think anyone can appreciate a nice pair of workout leggings. I chose Nike because I am a complete Nike fan girl. I love these so much, it has gotten to the point where I refuse to work out in them at all. Over the top I brought a stripy long sleeved tee and a cute jumper which is surprisingly thick. I love the cute little MYDEERFOX bag as a little pink accent in my attire of monochrome as well!

Black leggings
Striped tee

I am absolutely swearing by this packing list right now and below I still have a couple things I think would make the trip a little more effortless.

Image source Oh happy day!

The wishlist could grow super quickly but top on the list right now is a black rain jacket, a tote bag to take around with me on a daily basis and a super cute suitcase. I have absolutely fallen in love with the Ted Baker luggage range however that might have to stay on the wishlist for now!
So super excited for the trip and to try out my videography skills! If you had any recommendations for additional items or tips for packing or traveling at that time of the year, I would absolutely love for any feedback!

Lots of love!

Izzie x

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Weekend Reading

Image via Instagram

So I realize that it is no longer the weekend but I wanted to make this post anyway because I had a really lovely cozy couple days and wanted to share them with anyone interested in having a little read!(or watch)
+ Taylor R, a Canadian model living and working in Japan posted this gorgeous recipe for vegan chocolate chip cookies back in January and I tried out my luck with them yesterday. They were absolutely divine and I can simply not recommend them enough! I ended up eating almost the whole batch myself if it hadn’t been for my boyfriend restraining me!
+ These gorgeous images on the Parisinfourmonths blog that have me dying for a warm holiday. Honestly Carin never fails to amaze me with her gorgeous imagery.
+ This lovely little post instructing me on how not to be a travel hoarder by The Everygirl. And along the same lines, this fantastic post about packing by the ever gorgeous Polkadot Passport.
+ It is possible that this could be a little heavy for me in the end but the trailer certainly does look intriguing! Launch of Handmaiden was talked about on Oyster today.
+ The lovely Kirsty Godso spoke with the awesome guys over at Ceres, on their blog and as always Kirsty has instructed me on how to not be slob, I love it!
+ And this, a really interesting article on weight loss by Nutritionist Dr. laura Lefkowitz which I think could be an eye opener for some people.
+ On a literal reading note. I have just finished reading #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso. I absolutely loved this book and would love to do a slightly longer review on what I took from it but in the mean time, you should definitely go out there and read it!

Thanks for stopping by, I love you


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Hiya! I’m back from blog hiatus! I’ve been extremely unsure about what I want my blog to be for the past year or so which has really limited me posting too much of anything. ‘What kind of person am I?’ is a question that I have been asking myself a lot over my teenage years and it had become extremely limiting in my life. I got really excited when I heard about the Gillette promotion #useyourand through Niomi Smart. Its all about women(and men) not feeling like they have to fit into one ‘category’ of person. I’ve wanted for so long to get back into fitness and health after quitting ballet a couple of years ago but have been too scared to take any actions until now. I’ve also really wanted to become a business owner in the fashion industry as well as being a game streamer on Twitch. All these things aren’t typically aligned socially these days which is fine but I feel as though its started having me hold back from doing the things that excite and inspire me.

So nineteen years into my life, here we go, I’m a gamer, I’m an entrepreneur and I’m a fitness nut! I want to sit and play video games with my mates and I want to walk around in heels and create a business in a completely different industry. I want to be able to run and play sport while being able to go home and play league with my sister, boyfriend or dad.

If you were wondering how these past months have been going through embracing my ‘ands’ then I’ll tell you! They have been awesome, I have met so many lovely, amazing groups of people through starting Hockey and Frisbee, I’ve found an absolute passion for running, gyming, and eating healthy, I’ve reconnected with my online community and I’ve decided to start my own business which will hopefully be launching in the next 6 months! If I could say anything about creating happiness in your life, one of the top suggestions would be embracing your And!

I have also started a completely new Instagram account over at so I hope you enjoy being part of my little community there I hope to grow filled with lots of like minded, gorgeous people <3

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Pont Alexandre III

Pont Alexandre III | Isabellaweb

Pont Alexandre III | Isabellaweb

Pont Alexandre III | Isabellaweb

Pont Alexandre III | Isabellaweb

Here are some shots from Pont Alexandre III, Paris. Just thought I would post some of my outfit because it worked so well with the colour of the bridge!



Bloglovin | Isabellaweb

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Streaming on Twitch

Twitch streaming | Isabellaweb

first of all here is a pretty picture of the Army Museum which i initially mistook for the Rondin Museum because i’m a complete noob. nevertheless it was absolutely gorgeous, i’ll grab some more images soon!


on another completely different note i wanted to talk about something thats been on my mind for a long time now. i stream on, its never been a big deal to me, in fact i really love it. through streaming i have created a community of amazing people from all over the world who come to chat, chill out and play games together. there is definitely a stigma around gaming and game streaming which is quite negative and stereotypical and i think its something that has begun to bother me a little.

i have never felt comfortable telling people that i’m a streamer or even a gamer for that matter. in fact most of my friends didn’t know about it for a long time and i certainly didn’t speak about it publicly as i’ve been scared of being judged. however this isn’t something i feel should be hidden any more. women can be gamers just as easily as they can be designers or accountants or lawyers or stylists(etc). i know some absolutely incredible women who are streamers just as i know some absolutely amazing men who are streamers, people who have even made a living out of streaming and now live their lives earning money from doing what they love.

female streamers aren’t cam girls, this is something i get all the time even from my friends, which is pretty lame in my opinion. being the minority on twitch definitely brings viewers faster and with more ease in the beginning however if people don’t like your personality you aren’t going to gain a following and certainly not a loving community of people. gamers also aren’t slobs. in all areas of life you will find lazy people, gaming isn’t an exception. however there are also some incredibly hard working people in the industry, i think its quite unfair to judge people by their stereotypes especially when its so incorrect.


i’m not going to name my twitch channel because i’m keeping my day job separate from it for the time being however i would love to answer any questions. it definitely isn’t a career path for me and it never will be but its a hobby and i love it. if your still here(high five) and your curious, here are some awesome streamers who might tickle your fancy if your interested in some free entertainment. thanks so much for reading, i really appreciate it!


Counter Strike: Global Offensive



Hearthstone and League of Legends



Hearthstone and League of Legends



Counter Strike: Global Offensive and World of Warcraft


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Weekend reading

Morning tea | Isabellaweb

came home today to a pack of macaroons from my boyfriend and brewing tea by Storm & India Tea Sisters which was just the best thing ever, i’m a very lucky lady. here are some things i have been loving this weekend!

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