Author: Isabella

Photographer + Designer

Kameidotenjinsha Shrine

Wanting to avoid Sunday rushes in shopping areas we decided that we would explore the area in which we are currently staying, Koto. Luckily there are tons of pretty shrines all around Tokyo so we walked around for a while looking for food and old buildings. Sunday well spent.

Tokyo in the Snow

Apparently it hasn’t snowed in Tokyo in 54 years so it came as quite the surprise to us when we woke on our first day and there was snow everywhere. Instead of being sensible and taking the subway out for the day we decided it was a good idea to walk an hour and a […]

Managing injury, pain and dejection

While being held back from something you love is hard, it won’t last forever. I trained to be a professional ballerina from the ages of three to sixteen. Classical ballet was for a while my entire life and giving up on it as a dream was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. […]


My obsession with Korean style

I have a confession, I have an obsession Korean style. You don’t see too much of it in New Zealand because it just simply isn’t the norm. However every now and then I will see a small girl in overalls and a knit jumper and I am star struck. I am certainly not one for […]

Vegan Corn Chowder recipe

One of my new favorite healthy recipes is the vegan corn chowder adapted by the lovely Taylor R. I have been a massive fan of her cooking videos for a while now but only recently have I had the courage to actually try one. I am a complete wimp when it comes to trying new […]

Winter style in New Zealand

Today I actually had to leave the house which was extremely inconvenient(I dislike the outside world) however it did give me an excuse to put on something decent. These are my current favorite winter things right now. I am so in love with this bag! It was a custom made Bucket bag for Ruby made […]